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D-Power Streamline 270X - 270cm electric glider ARF+

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THE all-rounder with the plus

The Streamline 270V has enjoyed great popularity since 2017 - but many pilots have since expressed the desire to equip the Streamline 270V with a vertical stabilizer instead of a V-tail. Due to the many customer requests, the D-Power team has now developed the STREAMLINE 270X.

All-rounder flight characteristics Like its brother, the STREAMLINE 270X is a powerful e-glider with classic all-round flight characteristics. Mod. RG15 wing profile and the perfectly tuned EWD ensure maximum stability and neutral flight characteristics. The model can be moved reliably through all common aerobatic figures and also cuts a fine figure in thermals. Thanks to the flaps hinged from above, the glider can also be flown very slowly and landed safely. But the best thing is: The STREAMLINE 270X is incredibly fun.

High quality construction The fuselage of the E-sailer is made of a GRP hull painted in the mold. The wings consist of a styrofoam core, which is covered with Abachi wood and finished with original Oracover® foil. The fuselage and wings are equipped with MPX high-current connectors and the MULTIlock® wing locking system from MULTIPLEX® - which on the one hand guarantees a secure hold and on the other hand makes the transport of the model comfortable.

High ARF+ prefabrication level Spend minimum time in the basement - and maximum time on the airfield. The ARF+ pre-fabrication level takes away the pilot's most time consuming tasks. Because all cable layers are completely laid, electronic components only have to be connected to the finished cable harness and accordingly to the receiver. The big advantage of the ARF+ version compared to a PNP version is that the pilot is not tied down with the drive and RC components, but has a free choice and can equip the model according to his preferences.

Features • powerful all-rounder with cross tail unit • flies like on rails through all common aerobatic figures • ARF+ degree of prefabrication - extremely short construction time • GRP hull painted in the mold (3 colors) • prepared for E-operation with 35 or 42 external rotor motors • Mod. RG15 Wing profile • Abachi-planked wings with styro core • top hinged flaps for XXX flight characteristics • chic surface design with original Oracover® covering • Good visibility thanks to high-contrast block stripes on the underside of the surfaces • removable canopy and spacious fuselage

Features ARF+ • wiring harness completely installed and integrated • Resinized carbon motor bulkhead with drill holes for 35 or 42 external rotor motors • MULTIlock® wing locking system installed • MPX® high-current connectors installed in fuselage and wing parts • Pre-turned linkages, all linkages completely installed • Aluminium rudder horns on the surfaces • laser-cut battery board completely installed in the fuselage

specifications • Wingspan: 270 cm • Fuselage length: 135 cm • Wing profile: RG15 modifiziert • Wing area: 52,03 dm² • Empty weight approx: 1828g • Flying weight approx: 2220g (incl. Motor AL42-07; Regler; 6 Servos; 8CH receiver – without Akku)

RC Functionen / recom. Servos Aileron: 2x D-Power AS-840BBMG Servos Flaps: 2x D-Power AS-840BBMG Servos Elevator: 1x D-Power AS-340BBMG Servo Rudder: 1x D-Power AS-340BBMG Servo

Drive recommendation Sports Drive/ Brushless Motor: D-Power AL 35-08 Brushless Motor Set: D-Power D-Power SET BL-Motor AL35-08 & Regler 60A Power drive / Brushless Motor: D-Power AL 42-07 Brushless Motor Set: D-Power D-Power SET BL-Motor AL42-07 & Regler 60A Battery: D-Power HD-4000/4S 14,8V Lipo

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