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D-Power Uranus 65A S-BEC (8A) Brushless Controller

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D-Power Uranus 65A SBEC - 8A Brushless Controller

With the D-Power "URANUS" brushless controller series we offer a very high quality product line, which is perfectly suitable for aeroplanes and helicopters.

The series is available with 45A, 65A and 85A power. With the help of the corresponding programming card the controller can be adjusted quickly and clearly. Of course all settings can also be made directly via remote control.

The D-Power URANUS controllers are equipped with an exposed finned aluminium heat sink and lightweight plastic end caps. With the integrated data log function, temperature, voltage and speed can be stored during the flight and then evaluated with the available software.

Due to the very strong and adjustable BEC, the compact dimensions at low weight, as well as smooth take-off and throttle linearities, this controller is the ideal control unit for sports and aerobatic pilots. In Governor Heli mode the controller is also ideally suited for use in helicopters.


Extremely low internal resistance Extremely precise throttle linearities Thermal overload protection Motor switch-off if transmitter signal is missing Supports high RPM motors Start and safety system with start-up protection Simple programming by programming card High clock frequency PWN Heli Governor Mode Soft start with low torque SBEC voltage output 5.0; 6.0; 7.4; 8.4V SBEC 5A (Uranus 45A); SBEC 8A (Uranus 65A + 85A) Data log function like temperature, voltage, current, RPM

Technical data:

current: 65A continuous, 85A short Number Lipo / NiXX: 2-6 / 5-18 BEC: 8A / 5.0V; 6.0V, 7.4V, 8.4V adjustable weight: 67 g Dimensions (L x W x H): 33 x 68 x 13 mm

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