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D-Power Streamline 270V - 270 cm electric glider ARF+

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Article number: DPSTL270V
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The all-rounder with the plus

The STREAMLINE 270V from D-POWER is a high-performance glider model with V-tail and classic all-rounder flight characteristics. The modified RG15 wing profile and perfectly tuned EWD provide maximum stability and neutral flight characteristics. The model can be reliably moved through all common aerobatic maneuvers and also cuts a fine figure in thermals. Thanks to the top-hinged flaps, the glider can also be flown very slowly and landed safely. But the best part is: the STREAMLINE 270V is an incredible amount of fun.

The glider is made of a painted GRP fuselage. The wings consist of a styro core which is planked with abachi wood and finished with original Oracover® film. The fuselage and wings are equipped with high-current connectors and the MULTIlock® wing locking system from MULTIPLEX® - which on the one hand ensures a secure hold and on the other hand makes transporting the model convenient. The STREAMLINE 270V is delivered in the new ARF+ equipment.

We have deliberately decided against offering you this model with built-in motor and servos. Because with the ARF+ equipment you have the possibility to equip your glider according to your preferences. All cable layers are fully routed, so all you have to do is connect your electronic components to the ready pulled through harness and plug the cables in the fuselage into the receiver. Control horns and linkages are ready installed. Spend minimal time in the tinkering basement - and maximum time on the flying field.


  • powerful all-rounder with V-tail
  • flies like on rails through all common aerobatic maneuvers
  • ARF+ degree of prefabrication - extremely short construction time
  • painted GRP fuselage (3-color)
  • prepared for electric operation with 35 or 42 outrunner motors
  • Abachi- planked wings with styro-core
  • flaps hinged from above
  • fancy wing design with original Oracover® covering
  • good visibility thanks to high-contrast block stripes on the underside of the wings
  • MULTIlock® wing locking system and MPX® connector installed
  • removable canopy and roomy fuselage

Extremely high degree of prefabrication

The extremely high degree of prefabrication of the ARF+ equipment makes D-Power's Streamline 270V ready for first flight in a short time for skilled modelers. All cable layers are fully routed and pulled through. Construction effort is limited to mounting and connecting the motor, controller, receiver and servos, and programming the transmitter:

  • Wiring harness fully installed and integrated
  • Reinforced carbon motor bulkhead with holes drilled for 35 or 42 outrunner motors
  • MULTIlock® wing locking system installed
  • MPX® high current connectors installed in fuselage and wing sections
  • Pre-turned linkages, all linkages pre-installed
  • Aluminum rudder horns on wings
  • includes aluminum spinner
  • laser-cut battery board pre-installed in fuselage


Technical data:

FeaturesStreamline 270V
span:2,700 mm
Hull length:1,340 mm
Wing profile:RG15 modified
Wing area:52.03 dm²
Flight weight approx:2240g (incl. motor AL42-07; controller; 6 servos; receiver - without battery)

RC functions Empf. accessories
Aileron: 2x D-Power AS-840BBMG servos
Flaps: 2x D-Power AS-840BBMG servos
Elevator: 1x D-Power AS-340BBMG servo
Rudder: 1x D-Power AS-340BBMG servo

Drive recommendation Streamline 270V
Sport Drive / Brushless Motor: D-Power AL 35-08
Brushless Motor Set: D-Power D-Power SET BL-Motor AL35-08 & Regulator 60A
Power Drive / Brushless Motor: D-Power AL 42-07
Brushless Motor Set: D-Power D-Power SET BL-Motor AL42-07 & Regulator 60A
Battery: D-Power HD-4000/4S 14,8V Lipo


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    From Claudius Tuma at 17.09.2018

Sehr gute Verarbeitung
Habe mir das Modell als Händler zugelegt und wurde absolut nicht enttäuscht.
Die Verarbeitung, das Oberflächen Finnisch ist sehr gut. Die vorarbeiten die gemacht wurden sind aufwendig und gut gelöst. Den Motor spannt musste man etwas nacharbeiten. Ja der ERST Flug war sehr unspektakulär. Meinte er Flog sofort gut, kaum ohne nach zu trimmen. Durch das Gewicht fliegt er auch bei viel Wind mit guten Durchsetzungsvermögen. Er kann auch relativ langsam geflogen werden bei wenig Wind zum kreisen. Alles in allem ein sehr guter ALLROUNDER.

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