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NEU D-Power backpack for glider models 175 cm

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Article number: DPSR175
Article code: 4251014790562

Glider Backpack 175x34x11cm

The D-Power Glider Backpack is perfectly suited for the safe and practical transport of glider models. The wings fit in a large insert compartment (approx. 175 x 34 cm), which can be closed with a circumferential zipper. The insert compartment is divided in such a way that the wing halves cannot touch each other during transport and are thus optimally protected.

A second insert compartment (approx. 88 x 25 cm) is ideal for stowing a V-tail and is secured with a Velcro fastener.

The fuselage is fixed by a Velcro loop inside the pocket. The fuselage nose is put into a strongly lined front bag (approx. 34 x 25 cm) to be held in place.

Wide, individually adjustable carrying straps allow for a fatigue-free and comfortable transport of your model, even if the walking distance to the airfield should be a little longer.

The glider backpack can be opened to both sides - like a book. If the model is a little longer than the bag, one side can be left open due to the circumferential zipper to let the protruding part stick out of the backpack.

Features • Ideal for transporting glider models • High quality and lightweight construction • circumferential zipper with two slides • Subdivided surface compartment to protect the individual surfaces • Comfortable, wide carrying straps

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