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D-Power ASW-17 - 500cm Scale glider full composite ARF+

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Article number: DPASW5000
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Into the thermals!

The ASW-17 by D-POWER is a scale glider in full composite construction. Just like the original from Schleicher, this replica in scale 1:4 impresses with its excellent thermalling flight characteristics as well as its aerobatics suitability.

Once the ASW-17 is in the air, the model will enchant you with its wonderfully scale flight pattern and excellent gliding characteristics. In combination with the flaps the ASW-17 can be adapted to different weather conditions. And thanks to the various brake options and the slow flight characteristics, the glider can be landed safely even in narrow places. Optionally the ASW-17 is fully prepared for the additional use of airbrakes.

Features • aerobatic thermal glider • Absolutely scale • completely manufactured in high-quality GFK shell construction • all parts painted in the mold • spacious fuselage with plenty of space for electronics • HQ3.0/15 profile • 4-piece wing • carbon reinforcements in fuselage and wings • all rudders designed as Elastic Flaps • removable cockpit including instrument panel • short construction time - ARF+ prefabrication level

ARF+: an extremely high degree of prefabrication We have deliberately decided not to offer you this model with built-in motors and servos. With the ARF+ equipment you have the possibility to equip your glider according to your preferences. All cable layers are completely laid out, so that you only have to connect your electronic components to the finished cable harness and plug the cables in the fuselage into the receiver. Spend minimum time in the basement - and maximum time on the airfield.

• Wiring harness ready installed and integrated • Ready installed servo frames • MULTIlock® wing locking system installed • MPX high current connector built into fuselage and wing parts • Pre-turned linkages, all linkages completely installed • Laser-cut battery board completely installed in the fuselage • Prepared for the use of 440 interference flaps (wiring harness already installed) • Canopy lock • GRP rudder horns mounted on the wings

Technical data • width: 500 cm • length: 189 cm • airfoil: HQ3.5/15 • Wing capacity: • Flight weight approx.: 6500g (incl. trim lead)

Required accessories • Servos Rudder: 1x D-Power REX-6180SG HV Coreless • Servos Elevator: 1x D-Power REX-6180SG HV Coreless • Servos Ailerons: 2x D-Power REX-265SG HV Coreless • Servos Flaps: 2x D-Power REX-265SG HV Coreless • airbrakes: 440 (optional) • tow hook: optional • Receiver: min. 7-channel • BEC: D-Power Antares UBEC 12A

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